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Join the Bizital Bazaar Collaboration: Capture Your Entrepreneurial Dream in Product & Ad Shoots - Become a Product & Ad Shoot Specialist

Embrace Your Passion & Collaborate with Us:

Harness your passion for stunning visuals and collaborate with a renowned brand – Bizital Bazaar! As a Bizital Adgraphy partner, contribute to a brand known for exceptional quality and service. We specialize in product and store videography and photography, offering a rewarding collaboration opportunity for skilled videographers like yourself.

We Seek Expertise in:

Focus on Your Expertise, We Handle the Rest:

Our simplified partnership model empowers you to focus on what you do best – capturing captivating visuals using your honed skills in camera operation and visual storytelling. We handle the post-production process, allowing you to dedicate your time and talent to creating stunning product and store presentations.

Benefits of Partnering with Bizital Bazaar:

Your Role:

Capture captivating product/store visuals. Leave the designing technical aspects to us. We handle editing, effects, and presentation for a seamless process.

What We Offer:

Essential Equipment:

Join Our Collaborative Family:

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Remember, Equipment Flexibility Matters:

We understand that starting a business requires careful planning. While a high-quality DSLR camera and a backdrop stand are essential, we offer resources and support to help you acquire equipment or connect you with rental options. We value your shooting skills, not your initial equipment setup.

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Profit Allocation:

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Contact us at +91 6290996998

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*Get a bonus on clients you bring.

NOTE: If you're skilled at product/store shoots but lack equipment, you have the flexibility to rent it from a nearby location. The rental fees will be a shared expense, deducted from your profits on a predetermined, transparent ratio.